Why Domesticate a Subpoena in California?

If you have a legal case ongoing in another state and require testimony or documents from someone residing or conducting business in California, you'll need to domesticate your foreign or out-of-California subpoena. This process essentially grants your state subpoena legal authority within California, ensuring its enforceability.

Steps to Domesticate a Subpoena in California


Obtain a Subpoena from the Issuing State

Begin by securing a subpoena from the original issuing state.


File a Request in California

File a request for domestication with the appropriate California court. This often involves completing specific forms and paying filing fees.


Wait for Court

The California court will review your request and, if everything is in order, will issue a domesticated subpoena.


Receive the Domesticated Subpoena

Once approved, you will receive a California-issued subpoena that is valid for service in any of the 58 counties.

Important Considerations

While the general steps remain consistent across California counties, filing procedures (e-filing vs. paper filing), required forms, and fees may vary. It’s crucial to check the specific courthouse website for the latest information. Consider consulting with an attorney if you have complex legal issues or require further guidance throughout the domestication process.

By utilizing this comprehensive guide and conducting further research on your specific county’s procedures, you can streamline the subpoena domestication process in California.

Frequently Asked Questions

The domestication request should be filed in the superior court of the county where the subpoena will be served. Each county has its procedures, which means, some require the documents to be eFiled while most counties still require Physical Hand Filing.

Typically, you will need the original subpoena from the issuing state, attached to a completed SUBP-030 (Application For Discovery Subpoena in Action Pending Outside California) which is available on our Subpoena Domestication Page, along with a Filing Fee of $45.00 which we advance on your behalf, and any required filing fees. Additional documents may be required based on the county's specific requirements.

The jurisdiction is generally determined by the witness's location or the records you seek, and needs to be filed in the Main Courthouse of the County where the Issued CA Subpoena is to be served. Click Here: To locate the Main County Courthouse

The court fees for filing the SUBP-030 is $45.00. Check the specific court's fee schedule for the most accurate information.

The timeline can vary, typically taking a week from filing the request to receiving the domesticated subpoena. Some courts allow e-filing, expediting the process, while others require paper filing and original seals on the CA Subpoena they issue.

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